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Update of Covid-19 measures for passenger and road transport in Republic of Slovenia

The Government the Republic of Slovenia issued an ordinance determining the conditions for entry into the Republic of Slovenia in order to contain and control the COVID-19 disease.

With the new ordinance, valid from August 16th, 2021, workers in international transport entering the Republic of Slovenia must leave the territory of the Republic of Slovenia within 12 hours from crossing the border, unless vaccinated or tested (PCR 72h, HAG 48h recovery rule). They are required to present a "Certificate  for Workers in the International Transport" from Annex 3 of the Communication from the Commission on the implementation of the Green Lanes under the Guidelines for border management measures to protect health and ensure the availability of goods and essential services (OJ C No. 96I of 24 March 2021, p.1) or another appropriate document proving they were posted by their employer. If the above mentioned requirements are not met a home quarantine will be imposed.

Non-residents will only be allowed to enter Slovenia if they have a guaranteed place for a 10-day quarantine.


Slovenia is introducing the Passenger Locator Form for passengers travelling by airplane and ship on 16 August to facilitate contact tracing

Every passenger will be asked to fill out his or her own form, including passengers travelling together as a family or in a group. Passengers in transit, who will remain in the airport's transit area (unless they should decide to leave the airport area for whatever reason) and airplane or ship crewmembers will not be asked to fill out the form.